Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice

Oklahoma Reproductive Justice Activists to Rally at State Capitol

* Sendoff for the most radical anti-women legislative session in state history.

* Press conference at 11:45, 4th Floor Rotunda, followed by rally on North Plaza.

* Please share this info widely with all your pro-women friends, networks and lists.

As the Oklahoma legislative year ends, a session which saw numerous radical anti-abortion bills be passed, a group of activists that has been a steady pink-clad presence in the galleries during the final week will rally to collectively condemn the bills and to commit to future action against them and similar legislation.

For those who took part during the week, you had an impact, for those who were not able to participate, you still have a chance to be part of this historic campaign for reproducitve justice in Oklahoma.

On Friday, May 28, supporters are asked to come — wearing pink — to the Capitol for the final time this session to be a living backdrop for a press conference at which medical professionals, religious leaders, political representatives and young people will address the bills and the growing movement for justice for women in our state.

Afterward, around 1pm, the group will move to the North Plaza for a rally where women and men will express their anger about the inherent contempt for all female Oklahomans embodied by the bills, as well as their determination to work to roll back these laws and preserve the rights, guaranteed by the Constitution and upheld by the Supreme Court, to privacy and self-agency.

It is vital that we have as large a crowd of supporters as possible at this end-of-session “send off” to the legislators who acted so brazenly with other people’s lives, health and dignity. We call on all Oklahomans who “trust women” to join us at this event, to contact their legislators and to work with us for public education and legislative advocacy.

What some have been calling “the pink brigade” that filled the House and Senate galleries this week, vow they have only begun to fight the anti-women mood of the current legislature, that the draconian bills which seek to harass, shame and stigmatize women, and even potentially threaten their health, in the name of ending abortion, are insulting, harmful and unconstitutional.

Their movement is now organizing under the name “Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice” and will having ongoing meetings to address current and future action. More information about the group, the bills and how to engage politically to create a women-friendly state, please visit https://oklahomansforchoice.wordpress.com.

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